University to investigate allegations of unethical experimentation on Humans


The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier wish to advise that we have initiated an investigation into allegations of unethical experimentation on Humans. The allegations, of which we were first made aware in June, stem from research conducted in the Department of Human Studies.

Our investigating team consists of several faculty members who serve the university independently of the department in question: Dr. Chloris Cougar, Dr. Fionnula L. Fox, Dr. Hume T. Goat, Dr. Luule Aednik, and Dr. Simone Gibbon. Other members of the team include Dr. Berthilidis Strix, Inspector Antonia T. Fossa of the Interspecial Investigations Unit, and Mr. Justice Augustus Dindon. The entire team will be overseen by Dr. Milada J. page4image31040Goose, head of the Honking Hollow laboratory at the University of West Terrier and a senior member of the Committee to Oversee Scientific Research in The Park (COSRIP).

The university wishes to emphasize that this is an investigation into alleged misconduct and that no particular member of our faculty or student body is under investigation at this juncture. Further details and the results of the investigation will be published and posted as they become available.

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We thank you for your interest in this matter.