Faculty and Staff/Expert Directory

The following is a partial list of UWT faculty (full and part-time), who are considered experts in their field. Media may contact those below for their expertise or commentary during university office hours.

Nicholas Antelope

Researcher, UWT School of Medicine Sleep Laboratory

Chloris Cougar 
Head of Research, UWT School of Medicine study, “Depression in Cats: Even Miaowgirls Get the Blues.”

Fionnula L. Fox 
Professor of Law, Specialist in extra-hortulanial law, Chittenden School of Law.

Llewellyn Fox
President, Quick Brown Fox Technologies; Adjunct Professor of Information Technology, Torgeir School of Information Technology

Simone Gibbon 
Chief of Research, UWT School of Medicine study, “Sleeping Dogs Most Likely to Lie.”

Hume T. Goat 
Professor of Psychology, Specialist in Domestic Animals

Milada J. Goose
Head, Honking Hollow Laboratory

Hermione Hippo
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Magnus P. Marmoset
Current Holder of Simian Chair in Political Philosophy, Department of Political Philosophy

Adjunct Professor, Department of Human Studies

Bregitta Oreamnos 
Chief Trichologist, School of Medicine

Pieter N. Paard 
Professor, Department of History, author of From Slavery to Freedom: A History of Pack Animals

Gunnar Rotte
Adjunct Professor, Department of Interspecial Studies

Ludwiga Saimiri 
Professor, Cuthbert School of Journalism

Adelaide L. Tamarin
d.M., d.P.d.T., Department of Natural Disasters

Dr. Jagger Zebu, Professor of Mammalian Medicine, Specialist in Premature Awakening From Hibernation, Harrumphocyte Disorders, and Squeaky Yawn Syndrome, School of Medicine