Commencement Speakers

The following is a partial list of the distinguished speakers who have inspired our students by giving the commencement address at the University of West Terrier:

2021 — Millicent Hayberry, renowned actress and director, star of Mixed Nuts and the Gianfranco Colocolo mystery trilogy, and occasional lecturer at the University of West Terrier’s Millicent Hayberry Centre for the Study of Drama and Performance.

2019 — Dr. Jagger Zebu, Professor of Mammalian Medicine, 2016 winner of the Eureka Prize for his work on locating harrumphocytes in mammals.

2018 — Dewi Merpatee Rhinoceros, Chief Archon 2013, founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, Centre for Interspecial Harmony

2017 — Vadim Kobras, Chief Architect and co-founder, Fleck + Stone, designer of the multi-level 2017 Groundhog Day prognostication pad.

2016 — Hermione Hippo, head nurse, Park Hospital for the Afflicted and Infirm, Assistant Professor, University of West Terrier School of Medicine

2015 — Noreen, Mammalian Daily advice columnist, Adjunct Professor of Human Studies, University of West Terrier

2014 — Catriona Cairn-Terrier, distinguished UWT alumna, Chief Archaeologist, Institute for the Study of Mammalian Life (ISML)

2013 — Anatoly Boris Beaver, Managing Partner, Overeager Beaver Architects

2012 — Wyndam Seahorse, Archon (retired)