Distinguished Alumni

The University of West Terrier boasts a large number of alumni who graduated with distinction and continue to honour their alma mater by means of their contributions to Park life.

This is a partial list of our distinguished alumni:

Nicholas Antelope
Researcher, UWT Medical College Sleep Laboratory

C.L. Birman
Author, The Polydactyl Fractals

Catriona Cairn-Terrier 
Chief Archaeologist, Institute for the Study of Mammalian Life (ISML)

Douglas Cheetah 
Renowned filmmaker

Chloris Cougar 
Head of Research, UWT Medical College study, “Depression in Cats: Even Miaowgirls Get the Blues.”

Augustus Dindon, J. 
Justice, Park Superior Court

Fionnula L. Fox 
Professor of Law, UWT, specialist in extra-hortulanial law

Llewellyn Fox
President, Quick Brown Fox Technologies; Adjunct Professor of Information Technology, Torgeir School of Information Technology

Simone Gibbon 
Chief of Research, UWT Medical College study, “Sleeping Dogs Most Likely to Lie.”

Hume T. Goat 
Psychologist, Specialist in Domestic Animals, UWT

Milada J. Goose
Head, Honking Hollow Laboratory

Ronald Grouse
Chief Political Analyst, The Avian Messenger

Cornelius Kakapo 
Director of Public Relations, Department of Well-Being and Safety, The Park

Vadim Kobras
Chief Architect, Fleck + Stone

Magnus P. Marmoset
Current Holder of Simian Chair in Political Philosophy, Department of Political Philosophy, UWT

Bregitta Oreamnos 
Chief Trichologist, UWT Medical College

Pieter N. Paard 
Historian, author of From Slavery to Freedom: A History of Pack Animals

Cornelia Panthera 
M.D.A., Zoologist, co-author, The Silent Cluck

Ludwiga Saimiri 
Professor, Cuthbert School of Journalism, UWT

Kylie Springbok
Author, The Strange Case of the Topaz Toepad

Adelaide L. Tamarin
d.M., d.P.d.T., Department of Natural Disasters, UWT

Jagger Zebu
Professor, Mammalian Medicine, UWT School of Medicine