Underwater Campus

In 2002, (20 AZ), mindful that not all citizens of The Park were land-dwelling, the Governors of the University approved plans for UWT’s first underwater campus.  This campus, underwritten in part by a generous donation from the Marine Mammal Bank of The Park, hosted its first classes in 2015 (33 AZ).

Parties interested in faculty or staff positions at this new campus should enquire via e-mail at employment@uwt-edu.com.  Applications for appointment and employment during the academic year 2016/17 are available now.  Please do not send unsolicited résumés or personal documents to the University.

All information sent via whistles, clicks, or other species-specific sounds or forms of communication should be forwarded to the University in a timely fashion so that the services of a translator may be arranged.

The University of West Terrier is an equal opportunity employer.  We are proud of our fair employment practices and we strive to ensure that a broad range of species is represented throughout our faculty and staff.

Any questions about our hiring practices should be forwarded to employment@uwt-edu.com

The University of West Terrier thanks you for your interest in our institution.