About UWT

The University of West Terrier was founded in 89 BZ* by a small group of forward-thinking West Highland White Terriers who believed in the value of higher education and scientific research.

In the beginning, classes at the school were held extemporaneously at the ancient, open-air theatre. These classes were given by the peripatetic professors who gravitated to UWT from other Parks and other institutions of higher learning. A small number of students attended these classes. The majority of Animals, at that time, received no formal education; instead, Animals were routinely educated by their parents before they were sent out into the world.

Tunneling began in 78 BZ and, three years later, the main building of the University was completed and a formal curriculum was established. The founders of the University were able to attract a dedicated faculty, composed of respected scholars who had been trained outside The Park and whose areas of interest and research activities were suited to the mission of the University.

The first students to attend formal classes leading to a degree at the University of West Terrier were immigrant Mammals who had settled in The Park between 80 and 75 BZ. The first degree was conferred by the University in 70 BZ. Since that time, the University has graduated thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to lead illustrious careers in science, technology and engineering, as well as in the arts and media.

In 2002 (20 AZ*), mindful that not all citizens of The Park were land-dwelling, the Governors of the University approved plans for UWT’s first underwater campus. This campus, underwritten in part by a generous donation from the Marine Mammal Bank of The Park, hosted its first classes in 2015 (33 AZ).

*BZ=Before Zoocracy
*AZ – After Zoocracy