University to host three-day symposium on Human Error

The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce that the university will host a three-day symposium on the subject of Human Error. 

This will be the first time in its history that the university will host an academic event focussed on Humans and Human behaviour. The multi-dimensional symposium will bring together researchers from all university schools and departments to discuss the aspects of Human behaviour that lead to error.

Among the topics to be discussed are the effects on other Animals of Human Error (HE), the ways in which Animals can determine when a problem has been caused by Human Error, how to mitigate the effects of Human Error in order to prevent disaster, and the rôle of technology in predicting and preventing Human Error. The symposium will include a discussion open to the public on 19 March.

Noreen, adjunct professor of Human Studies, will chair the symposium.

The university is honoured to welcome as keynote speakers, Dr. Berthilidis Strix, author of Shaken But Not Stirred and co-author, with Cornelia Panthera, of The Silent Cluck, Dr. Simone Gibbon, Chief of Research, UWT School of Medicine researcher, and Llewellyn Fox, Adjunct Professor of Information Technology, Torgeir School of Information Technology, President, Quick Brown Fox Technologies, and author of The Lazy Dog’s Guide to Technology.