University announces 2019 commencement speaker


The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce that Dr. Jagger Zebu will deliver the 2019 UWT Commencement Address.

Dr. Zebu, who holds the title of Professor of Mammalian Medicine at the University of West Terrier, has had a distinguished career since he graduated from the university. Considered a giant in his field, Dr. Zebu, along with his team, have made significant discoveries in the area of premature awakening from hibernation and in the origin and effects of Squeaky Yawn Syndrome (SYS). In 2016, Dr. Zebu and his team were able to pinpoint the location of harrumphocytes in Mammals, a discovery that he believes will soon improve the lives of many. His name was included on Eureka’s  “Seventeen to Watch in 2017” list and, in 2016, he was awarded the prestigious Eureka prize for “pioneering research and innovative experimentation.” The Eureka editorial board called Dr. Zebu “a meticulous scientist and a pioneer in harrumphocyte research.”

Dr. Zebu is only the second in the field of medicine to speak at the annual University commencement ceremony.