Mapping a changing landscape: University of West Terrier to host three-day symposium on The Park of the future

How will The Park of the future look?

That will be the topic of discussion this Spring, when a delegation of experts gathers at the university for a conference on “the nature of the future and the future of nature.”

The three-day symposium is entitled “Mapping a Changing Landscape,” and a panel of experts is expected to draw heavily on historical trends in order to create a “map” of The Park as it will be fifty years from now.

The panel will include zoographers, ecologists, geographers, historians, and population specialists, as well as non-academic participants such as A.P. Civet, president, of the Society of Concerned Park Cultivators, Planters, Growers, and Farmers, Kalliope Wollybear, president of the Weather Makers, Producers and Sellers Alliance of The Park, Vadim Kobras, Chief Architect, Fleck + Stone, Kerman Astoa of Burrows and Beyond, and Wellington Whistlepig, president of the Park Association of Shops and Services.

The university is honoured to welcome as keynote speakers BirdBrains directors Gwendolyn Goose and Henry Gander, authors of “Zoocracy After Thirty-Five: A New Avian Era.”

The conference will take place April 26-28, 2019.