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University to host one-day symposium on zoocracy and nature

The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce the university will host a one-day symposium on the subject of zoocracy and nature.

The one-day symposium is entitled “The Nature of Zoocracy/The Zoocracy of Nature,” and will be hosted by the University’s departments of history, political philosophy, and psychology. Faculty members and other experts in those fields will discuss the reciprocal relationship between natural behaviour and zoocracy.

The university is honoured to welcome as keynote speakers, Magnus Marmoset, holder of the Simian Chair in Political Philosophy and BirdBrains directors Gwendolyn Goose and Henry Gander, authors of “Zoocracy After Thirty-Five: A New Avian Era.”

The symposium will take place on 5 January 2020.