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University announces new faculty appointment


The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce the appointment of Valentina Abeja as assistant professor of economics at the Livingstone School of Economics and Social Science.

Before serving as budget chief and head of the Park Finance Office, Valentina Abeja worked as an analyst at The Park’s All Species Credit and Commercial Bank (ASCCB). She has also been a frequent financial contributor to Toro Talk Radio and TMD Radio and has served as a guest commentator at The Park’s annual Groundhog Day celebrations.

Although financial matters have been her life’s work, Abeja has described pollination as her “ultimate passion,” and she has strongly encouraged her compatriots to “pollinate for the good of The Park and its residents.”

Abeja’s experience in fiscal management, her passion for justice and equality, and her respect for all Park species will enrich the educational experience of our students and broaden their knowledge beyond financial matters.