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University announces new faculty appointment


The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce the appointment of Gunnar Rotte as adjunct professor in the Department of Interspecial Studies.

As a full-time journalist at The Rodent Commoner, Rotte has reported on crime, justice, and politics, and has written a number of highly-regarded editorials and opinion pieces. He has also served as a member of Toro Talk Radio host Yannis Tavros’s “Pundits’ Parlour,” and has covered the Park’s Groundhog Day ceremonies. As a part-time counsellor at the Extinction Anxiety Clinic, Rotte has displayed great understanding and compassion and has garnered high praise for his work with clients.

In addition to his pride in his own species and his passion for justice and equality, Rotte brings with him great analytical skills and a wealth of experience from both inside and outside The Park. These qualities will enrich the educational experience of UWT students and broaden their outlook.