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University announces commencement speaker


The President and Governors of the University of West Terrier are pleased to announce that Noreen will deliver the 2015 UWT Commencement Address.

Noreen has written the advice column, “Dear Noreen,” at The Mammalian Daily, for fifteen years. In June of 2012, she was invited to join the faculty at the University of West Terrier as adjunct professor in the Department of Human Studies.

In her rĂ´le as adjunct professor, Noreen has published two academic articles in the prestigious Journal of Human Behaviour (JHB): “Not Just Skin Deep: On Human Belief Systems and Motivations,” and “How Dubious Wisdom Leads to Human Folly.” She continues to conduct research at the university and, last year, published her first book, Lovely To Look At: What Animals Should Know About Humans, which is intended for a general audience.