Commencement Speakers

The following is a partial list of the distinguished speakers who have inspired our students by giving the commencement address at the University of West Terrier:

2019 — Dr. Jagger Zebu, Professor of Mammalian Medicine, 2016 winner of the Eureka Prize for his work on locating harrumphocytes in mammals.

2018 — Dewi Merpatee Rhinoceros, Chief Archon 2013, founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, Centre for Interspecial Harmony

2017 — Vadim Kobras, Chief Architect and co-founder, Fleck + Stone, designer of the multi-level 2017 Groundhog Day prognostication pad.

2016 — Hermione Hippo, head nurse, Park Hospital for the Afflicted and Infirm, Assistant Professor, University of West Terrier School of Medicine

2015 — Noreen, Mammalian Daily advice columnist, Adjunct Professor of Human Studies, University of West Terrier

2014 — Catriona Cairn-Terrier, distinguished UWT alumna, Chief Archaeologist, Institute for the Study of Mammalian Life (ISML)

2013 — Anatoly Boris Beaver, Managing Partner, Overeager Beaver Architects

2012 — Wyndam Seahorse, Archon (retired)